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Site Investigation Equipment

Portable / Limited Access

  • Adapt to any piece of equipment or anchor to concrete slab
  • Portable Ramset with 14 tons of CPT thrust
  • Excellent for mining, infrastructure, environmental and construction projects
  • CPTu, SCPTu, RCPTu, UVIF-CPTu, flow penetration testing
  • Downhole, Crosshole & Surface Geophysics(CSWS)
  • Sampling and vane shear testing
  • Projects completed in Asia, Central & South America, the Artic, Eastern Europe, and Africa
  • State of the art CPT equipment ensures quality data
  • Portable systems are excellent for international and remote projects
  • Perfect for limited access work
  • CPT testing is efficient, often up to 250 metres of testing per day
  • Highly trained and experienced engineers, geologists, and technicians perform the work