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Site Investigation Services

Cone Penetration Testing

Piezo Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu)

The electric piezocone (CPTu) is the premier soil logging tool. The CPTu provides a rapid, reliable and economic means of determining soil stratigraphy, relative density, strength and equilibrium groundwater pressures.

ConeTec offers a choice of cones with varying tip (qc) capacities, friction sleeves (fs) and pore pressure transducers (U). Pore pressure can be measured at one of 2 locations, either on the face (U1) of the cone tip or behind the cone tip (U2). Pore pressure dissipation data is recorded automatically during pauses in penetration.

All data is displayed in real time, facilitating the on site decision making process. Field data reduction, plotting and CPT interpretation can be carried out upon request.