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Site Investigation Services

Geophysical Testing


ConeTec is pleased to introduce our Continuous Surface Wave System (CSWS). Like conventional SASW testing this system uses surface waves to determine shear wave velocity. However, the use of a computer controlled vibrating source and multiple receivers makes CSWS more accurate and effective. The depth penetration of surface wave methods depends on the velocity of the material being tested. CSWS testing can penetrate to depths of 10 to 15 metres in soft soils, and up to 30 metres in stiff soils.

  • Frequency Controlled High Energy Vibrator (5 to 600Hz with 0.1Hz resolution)
  • Windows based computer controlled test system
  • Simultaneous measurement of surface wave phase using six geophones and real time statistical assessment of the data
  • Real time display of signal frequency content and calculated stiffness profile
  • Vs and Vp profiling
  • Earthquake site response
  • Liquefaction analysis
  • Soil compaction control
  • Settlement Assessment
  • Assessment of ground variability
  • Assessment of ground stiffness
  • Economical - Surface wave testing is much more cost effective than seismic cross-hole and down-hole testing
  • Fast - A complete profile can be completed in under 2 hours
  • Accurate - The computer controlled source and multiple receivers generate accurate and repeatable results
  • Portable - The system is normally carried in a 4x4 truck but is easily transported anywhere
  • Non-Intrusive - The procedure minimizes site impact