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Our Portland office services the Oregon and Pacific Northwest market specializing in geotechnical and environmental in-situ soil testing. With over 30 years of experience across the world, our team of experts are dedicated to delivering a safe, high quality, and efficient site investigation on your next project.

The Pacific Northwest seismic region includes geological deposits that make ConeTec’s expertise instrumental when it comes to subsurface characterization for commercial construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy, and port lands development.

Backed by a regional suite of site characterization equipment, the newest addition to Portland's fleet is a 25 Ton 6x6 Low-Ground Pressure Truck CPT Rig.


Feature Project

ConeTec RSCPTU, SDMT, and DST in Papua New Guinea

SCPTu, eVST and auger drill-outs at the Clatskanie Water Treatment Plant in NW Oregon 

ConeTec was tasked with collecting seismic Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) data and targeting soft zones for undrained shear strength testing as part of a water treatment plant expansion. The site presented challenges such as tight access, dense fill in certain areas, and soft surfaces in others.

To overcome these challenges, the 6X6 off-road/highway capable CPT truck-rig was utilized. This versatile rig could navigate the site effectively and access all locations, execute drill-outs of surface fill material using its rear-mounted auger drill, and deploy vane shear testing equipment with the ramset.

The ability to efficiently perform all services with one rig and crew was proved essential for meeting the project's schedule and budget efficiently.


Alex is a Geology graduate from University of Utah, USA. He joined ConeTec as a Field Engineer in 2016 and gained experience operating various site investigation tools and equipment, including CPTu methods (Seismic, Resistivity), electric vane-shear (eVST), and flat-blade dilatometer (DMT).

During his seven years working for ConeTec, Alex has led geotechnical site investigations in a variety of industries and regions.  These include infrastructure, commercial development, energy, and mining projects, performed across the central and western United States.  Alex is proud to lead the newly established Portland team, providing services to Oregon and southwest Washington since 2022.

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