• All ConeTec CPTu systems are seismic ready
  • Up to 3 geophones per cone (XYZ) axis
  • Multiple shear and compression wave source options
  • Offshore ready (sea-bottom mechanical seismic sources)
  • >175 m depth capability
  • Typically 1m layers are measured and reported, other intervals possible


  • Most efficient, accurate, and economical method to measure soil Vs and Vp
  • Shear wave velocity is a fundamental geotechnical soil parameter collected independently of other CPTu data
  • Two independent cyclic liquefaction evaluations may be conducted using a single SCPTu test
  • Both Vp and Vs may be collected during a single SCPTu sounding
  • Stacked wave arrivals are recorded to ensure repeatability and to increase velocity precision

Applications - Vs

  • Earthquake engineering (ie - SHAKE analysis)
  • Cyclic liquefaction evaluation (CRR-Vs and CRR-Qt1)
  • Vibrating machine foundations
  • Deep foundation design (soil-structure modulus)
  • Shallow foundation design / settlement (soil modulus)
  • Unusual soil identification (ie - cementation)

Applications - Vp

  • Soil saturation; Vp drops dramatically when the soil is less than ~98.5% saturated.
  • Poisson’s ratio determination
  • Gaseous soils (marine silts, bituminous tailings, organics)
  • Liquefaction potential is subdued in gaseous soils
  • Detecting unsaturated zones