• Truck, track, heli-portable options
  • Limited access to full size
  • Calibrated SPT auto-hammers
  • Multiple drilling styles possible from the same rig
  • CPT and in-situ testing capabilities on all rigs
  • Rotation cages
  • Positive air shut offs
  • Numerous safety and efficiency features


  • Modern, safe, and efficient rigs
  • High reliability, less downtime
  • Trained and competent operators
  • Perform multiple tests and drilling types from a single rig
  • Quality control



From track and truck mounted drills to heli-portable and amphibious, we provide full-service drilling systems for accessing any site, operated by professional projects teams.   

Long Stroke Sonic ATV Drill (LS600).JPG Amphibious Sonic Drill Sonic + Rotary Heli Rig

Truck Auger Drill (MARL).jpg Track Auger Drill.jpg Long Stroke Sonic ATV Drill (winter tent setup).jpg

Compact Crawler Sonic Drill.jpg Track Rotary Drill (performing Air Rotary).jpg Long Stroke Sonic ATV Drill (LS600) 2.JPG