Electrical Conductivity

Measures in-situ soil-water-air conductivity. Can be coupled with HPT or CPTu for combined data collection within a single sounding

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Ultra Violet Optical Screening Tool

Uses a tuned laser to detect and speciate in-situ hydrocarbon contamination.

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ultra violet induced Fluorescence

Uses UV light to detect in-situ hydrocarbon contamination.

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Optical Image Profiler

Profiles the soil’s natural colour along with the contaminant’s (fuel) induced fluorescence using a downhole camera. EC data is also collected, and this probe can also be combined with the HPT (OiHPT).

Membrane interface probe

Real time data acquisition for VOC plume definition and delineation to assist with identifying contaminant mobility and migration pathways. Low-level options (LL-MIP) are also available. Can be combined with the CPTu and/or the HPT (CPT-MIP, MiHPT, CPT-MiHPT).

Hydraulic Profiling Tool

Uses a flow of water into the soil to determine the relative hydraulic conductivity of soil layers, saturated or unsaturated.

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Determination of hydraulic conductivity (K) by using air pressure and recording the response via datalogger and downhole pressure transducer. Applicable to all common well sizes.

Gamma Cone Penetration Testing

Detects the natural radioactivity of minerals for clay content determination, or measures the radioactive contamination of soils without a sample.

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Piezo Cone Penetration Testing

The modern standard in geotechnical site characterization. Can be combined with other environmental sensing tools for simultaneous soil parameter and stratigraphic information.

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Sampling and Installations

Discrete or continuous sampling options can be provided, for either soil, groundwater or vapour.  Either direct push, sonic or auger drilling equipment can be provided to best accomplish both sampling and installation needs on any project.

Limited Access Equipment

In-situ testing and sampling systems can be mobilized for deployment on any limited access site.