Starting in 1999, Eric Zon founded Lankelma in England and began developing the CPT market in the UK. Over the following years Lankelma brought high quality rigs and equipment to the market, eventually adding specialty capabilities including unique rail and marine equipment to firmly establish Lankelma as the UK leader in CPT testing.

Lankelma expanded further by growing their on-land presence while exploring international projects, including in the artic and offshore. Today, Lankelma is respected worldwide for their unique capabilities, innovation, and attention to quality.

Lankelma: Experts in cone penetration testing.

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Mud Bay Drilling

Since 1972, Mud Bay Drilling has built a strong reputation with clients in the field of geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, and in-situ testing by providing high quality services in a safe, reliable, and cost effective manner.

Mud Bay Drilling has knowledgeable staff who are familiar with geotechnical and environmental sampling and decontamination protocols. Mud Bay Drilling is experienced with the installation of monitor wells, inclinometers, piezometers (pneumatic, electric, and push-in), geochemical, and water sampling equipment and procedures.

Mud Bay Drilling has offices in Surrey and Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Mud Bay Drilling joined the ConeTec family of companies in 2015.

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California Push Technologies

Founded in 2006, California Push Technologies (CPT Inc.) safely solves site investigation problems by generating high quality information, collected by expert personnel, using the best equipment.

CPT Inc. uses advanced in-situ testing equipment including a wide range of seismic cone penetration testing (SCPTu) probes, soil and groundwater sampling systems, environmental and geophysical tools, and a fleet of purpose built in-situ testing platforms capable of operating on land, over water, and in amphibious environments. All field investigations are performed by specially trained personnel and supported by experienced site investigation engineers and geologists.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 2015 CPT Inc. joined the ConeTec family of companies.