• Swath Bathymetry for high resolution full coverage surveys
    • Co-registered bathymetry and imagery data sets
  • Sub-bottom Profiler for subsurface imaging
    • “See” soil and rock units below the mudline
  • Single beam echo sounder for cost effective basic surveys
  • Various vessel types to deploy from:
    • ConeTec work vessels
    • Vessels of opportunity
    • Radio controlled boat for remote access and extreme shallow water surveys
    • ConeTec portable deployment arm mounted on various vessels
  • Precision GNSS on board for accurate georeferencing


  • High resolution bathymetry and imagery for small target detection
  • Much higher resolution and more cost effective than physical point measurements
  • Rapidly survey large areas
  • Detection of hazards on the bottom and in the water column


  • Bathymetry surveys for water volume estimates
  • Erosion monitoring and change detection surveys
  • Pre and post dredging surveys
  • Pre-drilling baseline data collection
  • Bottom type mapping: sand, mud, rip-rap, eelgrass
  • Underwater hazard mapping
  • Lake bed / sea-bottom stratigraphy (SBP)
  • Fluid mud volume estimates (SBP)
  • Buried object detection of linear structures: cables, pipes (SBP)
  • Mine tailings and industrial pond monitoring and reporting