• Self-bore
  • Pre-bore
  • Full displacement (Push-in)


  • 88mm Self-boring 6-Strain Arm Direct Sensing PMT
  • 46mm Pre-bore 3-Strain Arm Direct Sensing PMT
  • 95mm Pre-bore 6-Strain Arm Direct Sensing High Pressure PMT
  • Roctest: TEXAM (Pre-bore)
  • Roctest: BOREMAC (Self-bore)
  • Other systems are also available


  • Self-bore systems provide minimal disturbance for near in-situ test conditions
  • Cambridge Insitu systems use multiple feeler arms (3 to 6, depending on probe used) for direct strain sensing around the probe body
  • Smaller diameter push-in system (Cambridge RPM unit) can be used inside SPT pocket


  • Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Settlement
  • Lateral deformation of piles or sheet piles
  • In-situ stress-strain curve and pressuremeter modulus is obtained
  • Unload / Reload cycles can be performed for cyclic loads (ie - wind, waves)
  • Suitable for all soils
  • Applicable to a range of material, from soils to rock
  • Fundamental soil properties can be determined: su, Φ’, c’, Gi, G, u0, oh, (K0), PL