• Accelerated Weight Drop high energy source for efficient, low frequency response
  • 24-96 channel land streamer for rapid 2D profiling (1 km per day)
  • Modular system – large multichannel arrays possible
  • Use of latest analysis software and data interpretation routines
  • Active and Passive source data collection
  • Add on precision GNSS survey for accurate georeferencing and locational information
  • Highly trained and experienced geophysics/geotechnical field and office teams


  • Rapid site investigation: 1D or 2D Vs Profiles
  • Non-intrusive / non-destructive test method - no ground disturbance necessary
  • Effective in environments with high background seismic noise
  • Sensitive to low velocity layers and velocity inversions at depth
  • Rapidly deployed and highly portable
  • MASW and SRT data sets may be collected simultaneously


  • Vs profiling for seismic site classification (Vs30), without a borehole
  • Ground stiffness evaluations
  • Liquefaction assessment, particularly in gravels and cobbles where SCPTu is not possible
  • Site reconnaissance prior to drilling and in-situ testing
  • Bedrock or glacial till mapping
  • Dam and Levee investigations
  • Backfill testing
  • Ground improvement QA/QC
  • Basement and indoor geotechnical evaluations
  • Delineation of “soft zones”, potential voids, other anomaly detection
  • Linear structure foundation evaluations (rail, highway, pipeline, road)
  • Refer to this Technical Bulletin for a case history example