• The Hydropunch uses a screen protected during installation, and then exposed at a discrete depth
    • Stainless steel or plastic screen
    • Bailer or peristaltic pump to obtain the sample
    • Retrieved and decontaminated between depths
  • The Waterloo profiler injects distilled water during installation, then reverses the flow at the target depth
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 1/4 tubing used to inject and pump water using a peristaltic pump
    • Immediately advanced to next interval
  • Direct Push Well Installations
    • Similar to hydropunch for installation
    • Screens may have a pre-packed sand filter, a foam bridge, and a pre-packed bentonite annualar seal above the screen
    • Temporary or permanent installations, 3/4 -2 inches in diameter
  • Typically the CPTu test is used to identify target strata in advance of sampling


  • No drill cuttings are generated
  • Excellent production rates
  • Hole closure procedures exist for all options
  • Discrete depth, high quality samples
  • Deployed from drill, direct push, and CPT rigs


  • Contaminant delineation
  • Remediation monitoring
  • Augment in-situ contaminant detection such as UVIF, UVOST, Resistivity