• Frequency range = 0.1 - 200 Hz
  • Wireless unit monitors three orthogonal seismic sensors (N-S, E-W and Up-Down)


  • Zero ground disturbance
  • No active seismic source required
  • Easy to add to any seismic site characterization project
  • Can be deployed simultaneously during other site investigation activities


  • Generating a site response spectrum
  • Identifying the resonant frequency (site period) and the resulting soil amplification
  • Modeling bulk shear wave velocity (Vs)
  • Rapidly estimating depth to till and/or bedrock, including very deep contacts
  • Seismic hazard assessments
  • Regional mapping
  • Can pair with other services to extend the depth of the investigation or determine Vs
  • Refer to this Technical Bulletin for a case history example