• Compatible with all ConeTec cones and modules
  • Various sizes available depending on the application
  • Ball and T-bar shapes available, custom shape is possible


  • 40 - 150 cm2 cross sectional areas available
  • 5, 10, or 15 cm2 cone compatibility
  • Cycling and variable rate testing procedures
  • Compatible with ConeTec data acquisition software


  • Highly accurate and continuous profiling of undrained strength in soft to very soft cohesive soils / tailings
  • Rapid and cost effective compared to other in-situ strength measurements (ie: EVST, PMT)
  • Overburden stress and pore pressure corrections to tip resistance reduced by 90% (qc->qt and qnet calculations)
  • Higher load cell forces in very soft soils, which improve data quality
  • Excellent agreement with high quality vane shear test data
  • Ability to cycle up and down at a given elevation to determine strength degradation and remolded soil strength


  • Continuous, very soft soil strength profiling