• Pneumatically controlled test
  • Control box includes high resolution pressure gauge (0.05 bar inc.) for softer soils and high pressure gauge (60 bar max.) for denser soils
  • Stainless steel blades and membranes
  • Optional true-interval seismic module to collect shear wave velocity (Vs) data


  • Versatile: Can be deployed with conventional CPT or Drill Rigs
  • Reliable: The DMT test has a proven track record of providing accurate data for use in widely accepted empirical correlations
  • Fast: 30 m to 50 m (100 ft to 150 ft) of depth, per day using conventional CPT or drill rigs
  • Efficient and accurate Vs data collection


  • Empirical Correlations to Geotechnical Parameters
    • Soil strength (Su and φ’)
    • Stress History (σp’ and OCR)
    • Constrained Modulus (M)
    • Unit Weight (γtot)
    • Gmax (from Vs)
  • Elastic Settlement
  • Slope Stability
  • Bearing Capacity
  • Ground Improvement QA