ConeTec installs third party downhole hardware from reputable instrumentation manufacturing firms. For push-in applications, we use proprietary designs adapting conventional instruments to ConeTec’s push-in methodology.

For monitoring, ConeTec VEGA Data Loggers are an in-house rugged and robust solution for cloud based instrumentation monitoring. We also procure and install third party instrumentation monitoring equipment.

The following types of instrumentation may be installed using push-in techniques (CPT or direct push drill rigs) or conventionally in a borehole:

  • VW or transducer type electric piezometers
  • Shape accel arrays (digital small diameter inclinometer)
  • Thermistors
  • Geophones (vibration monitoring)
  • Small diameter pre-packed monitoring wells
  • Soil moisture sensors

The following additional instrumentation types may be installed conventionally:

  • Slope inclinometer casing
  • Settlement gauges
  • Monitoring or groundwater wells
  • Pneumatic piezometers
  • Total stress cells
  • Other borehole instrumentation


  • Qualified site investigation professionals oversee and perform the work
  • Full instrumentation package - specification, procurement, installation, monitoring
  • Multiple installation methods available from a variety of equipment types
  • Multiple drilling methods available for installation
  • Relationships with third party instrumentation manufacturers