Safely solving site investigation problems For over thirty years by generating high-quality information, using only the best equipment.

Founded in 1985

ConeTec was founded in 1985 by David Woeller. The company began operating with key projects in Vancouver, the Canadian Arctic, and in the mining industry. At the time, ConeTec utilized some of the first commercial CPT systems and formed alliances with drilling companies such as Mobile Augers and Mud Bay Drilling to deploy equipment.

In 1987, ADARA Systems became the electronics manufacturing arm of ConeTec. Today, ADARA continues to provide ConeTec with specialized high quality custom instrumentation, data acquisition systems, and tooling.

Through the 1990’s ConeTec grew in Canada and the United States. During this time, the Salt Lake City and New Jersey offices opened. The 2000’s brought significant additional growth with new offices in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Virginia, Toronto, Guatemala City, Lima, and Santiago. In 2015, the ConeTec family of site investigation companies grew to include Mud Bay Drilling in Surrey, BC, and California Push Technologies (CPT Inc.) in San Francisco, CA.

Today, ConeTec has grown from a sole proprietorship to an organization of more than 400 people worldwide. ConeTec provides high quality site investigation services to industry sectors including infrastructure, mining, energy, environmental, and construction.