CDS Geotechnical canvas Features

  • Data delivery and archiving
  • Download detailed reports with PDF plots and tabular data in Excel format
  • 3D geospatial viewing system
  • Sounding profile quick views
  • Time slider for historical review and yearly comparisons
  • Standalone geotechnical applications (e.g. liquefaction, pile analysis, shallow foundation design)
  • Workspace Analysis (comprehensive multi-sounding analysis module)
  • Cyclic and static liquefaction analysis and a wide range of calculated CPT parameters
  • Scatter style soil behaviour type plots
  • Instrumentation and remote data logging information
  • Selective sounding file downloads
  • Support for standard, seismic, gamma, resistivity and UVIF CPTu, full flow penetrometer (BCPTu), lab sample data, lab gradation tests, field and electronic vane shear tests, shear and compressive wave velocity data and generic data types
  • Support for non-hydrostatic CPTu profiles and layers of known unit weights
  • Data exported as images, reports, tabular results and KML files for use with Google Earth

Super-Elevated CPT Soundings with Tip (R), Pore Pressure (B) and SBTN (Left of Axis) in 3rd View With an Associated Detailed Sounding ProfileWork Space Analysis Module - CPT Analysis, Plotting and ReportingCPT Scatter Plots

instrumentation monitoring

  • Real time instrumentation monitoring and data management
  • Two way communication between CDS and remote loggers
  • Support for vibrating wire and analog devices such as  piezometers, earth pressure cells, Measurand ShapeAccelArrays (SAA) and sonar altimeters for terrestrial and marine applications
  • Alarm settings and notification options
  • Real time data plotting and analysis
  • Various export capabilities
  • Time sliders and user selectable plot scales
  • Access to raw data and processed engineering values
  • Vega units have on board barometers for pressure corrections and Barometric Efficiency support
  • Sonar units can be associated with other sensors for enhanced monitoring
  • Remote logger configuration modifications and firmware updates

Piezometer DataMeasurand SAA Temperature DataSonar Altimeter Data