• Bulk soil / pore water electrical resistivity/conductivity measurements with all CPTu / SCPTu advantages
  • Dipole or ring electrode configurations
  • Polynomial calibration over a wide range of resistivities/conductivities (salt water - dry soil)
  • Soil resistivity/conductivity is a function of soil type, void ratio, saturation, and pore water chemistry


  • Resistivity/Conductivity module has 15 cm2 cross-sectional area
  • Rapidly connects to all ConeTec 15 cm2 cones
  • Resistivity/Conductivity measurement located 0.80 m behind CPTu tip
  • Can be deployed with or without the CPTu / SCPTu probe attached


  • Determine soil / water resistivity/conductivity while collecting all other CPTu / SCPTu parameters
  • Rapid and economical
  • Minimally invasive with no soil cuttings
  • Continuous profile of resistivity/conductivity


  • Corrosion protection design
  • Salt water infiltration
  • Contaminant detection
  • Degree of saturation evaluation