• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) detection tool
  • Ultra violet induced fluorescence (UVIF) response to PAH’s
  • Real-time petroleum contaminant profiling with qualitative concentration
  • NAPL’s including gas, diesel, creosote, jet fuel, crude, bitumen, and hydraulic oils
  • Detections as low as 10 ppm (NAPL and soil dependent)
  • Profiling with CPT for stratigraphy and groundwater conditions


  • Fast: 2 cm or approximately 1 in. per second insertion rate
  • Economical: less expensive than sampling and lab testing
  • Continuous profiling, no data gaps / uncertainty
  • Repeatable logging / quick spatial distribution
  • Stratigraphic relationships / geological controls when combined with CPT
  • Digital data is easy to model using 3D software
  • Portable and versatile – CPT, drill, or direct push rig
  • Advance with CPT or on it’s own


  • Environmental Site Investigation Services
  • High Resolution Site Characterization (similar to UVOST-CPT)
  • Hydrocarbon contaminant detection