Sampler Types

  • Hand operated fluid syringe type samplers
  • Fixed interval fluid samplers for detailed characterization
  • Piston wireline fluid samplers
  • 35 mm fixed piston mechanical sampler
  • 76 mm (Shelby) fixed piston mechanical sampler
  • Piston sonic samplers


  • Deployed from boats, barges, amphibious, drill, and CPT rigs
  • Sample and characterize the entire tailings facility
  • Efficient high quality sampling systems for all material types


  • Tailings planning
  • Process water and fluid tailings inventory
  • Volume and storage studies
  • Liquefaction and stability assessments
  • Complementary to CPTu and In-Situ Testing
  • Consolidation studies
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Reclamation and closure activities