• Open hole or casing advanced systems
  • Weighted drilling mud stress balances the borehole
  • Low bit pressure and gentle drilling technique does not disturb soils in front of the bit
  • Mud circulation brings cuttings to a surface mud cleaning system
  • Safety rotation cages and other safety features
  • Cold weather systems
  • Mud cleaning and heating systems
  • High pressure mud pumps for deep drilling applications
  • Multi-purpose rigs capable of a variety of drilling techniques
  • CPT capable rigs


  • High quality undisturbed sampling (hydraulic or mechanical fixed piston thin walled tube samples)
  • High quality SPT testing, with a calibrated SPT hammer (SPT energy testing)
  • High quality in-situ testing (EVST, PMT, DMT, other)
  • Representative samples at discrete elevations
  • Performed on it’s own, or through Air Rotary or Sonic Drilling or Auger Drilling cased holes
  • On or off-shore applications


  • High quality geotechnical site investigation requiring detailed laboratory and in-situ testing programs.