• Module that measures passive gamma radiation during CPTu / SCPTu testing
  • Naturally occurring Thorium and Uranium will also be detected
  • During pauses in penetration, a gamma spectrum may be recorded


  • Continuous, rapid, repeatable, and calibrated data
  • Efficient and economical
  • Real time data collection
  • Deployable on all ConeTec CPTu systems and rigs
  • Adapts quickly and easily to ConeTec 15 cm2 cones
  • Gamma rays detected by cesium crystal and photomultiplied downhole
  • Proprietary calibration procedures ensuring repeatable and consistent data


  • Detect, delineate, and quantify radioactive contamination from nuclear energy or military sites
  • No cuttings generated, workers are not in contact with contamination
  • Qualitative identification and delineation of clay minerals and clay-rich stratum
  • Site specific quantitative clay or fines content determination