• Full time data QA/QC, analysis, and reporting team led by senior site investigation engineers
  • All data undergoes rigorous QA/QC protocols
  • All final reports reviewed and approved by a senior engineer or geophysicist
  • Detailed tool, data acquisition, and deployment rig information recorded and provided in the report
  • Proprietary feature rich CPTu and SCPTu data processing software used to customize reports and deliverables
  • Detailed output of geotechnical calculated parameters based on current published correlations which reflect the current state of practice
  • All data is geospatially related with GPS coordinates and measured or estimated elevations


  • Reliable, accurate, and precise geotechnical data
  • A consumable report-ready data delivery package
  • Immediate draft data available “on-the-rig”
  • 24 hr finalized data available as requested
  • Quick data turnaround times
  • Geospatial data reporting and data analysis tools available via CDS