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Our Seattle team services Washington, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest specializing in geotechnical and environmental in-situ soil testing. The Pacific Northwest seismic region includes geological deposits that make ConeTec’s expertise instrumental when it comes to subsurface characterization for commercial construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy, and port lands development.

Feature Project

ConeTec Geoprobe Conducting SCPTu Seismic Analysis on a Portland Road

SCPTu and Direct Push Sampling in Oregon

Tasked with collecting data to understand the strength and seismic characteristics of soils under the proposed water pipeline installation route in Beaverton, Oregon, ConeTec’s team used both track and truck mounted CPT/Direct Push rigs to complete the project. Our team was able to minimize the equipment required by using single CPT rigs equipped with direct push sampling and drill-out capabilities to perform seismic cone penetration testing (SCPTu) and collect continuous soil samples. The high quality SCPTu data coupled with direct push samples enabled a full characterization of the site. Limited work hours meant that efficiency was critical to the project’s schedule and budget success. The ability to perform multiple services with one rig was a considerable asset.

ConeTec CPT Truck Rig, Infrastructure Site Investigation

Simon Jantz
regional manager

During his 8+ years working with ConeTec, Simon has gained a comprehensive understanding of advanced geotechnical site characterization. His experience leading geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigations around the world has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of geophysical tools, including seismic cone penetration testing (SCPTu), downhole seismic testing (DST), Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), and other related in-situ techniques. As the leader of our Seattle team, Simon has helped ConeTec meet the needs of the region, providing a wide range of rigs and tools to characterize soils in the Pacific Northwest.

ConeTec CPT Track Rig, Geotechnical Site Investigation

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